Bank of Ireland - College Green

The evening time History Group recently took a tour of Bank of Ireland, College Green.  The group are studying the 1801 Act of Union and the removal of parliament from the parliament buildings on College Green to Westminster in London.

The building was originally built to act as a parliamentary chamber for the Irish Parliament but after the move to Westminster, the building was sold to Bank of Ireland in 1803.  Tour Guide John gave a wonderful insight to the history of the building.  Tutor Regina and the students appreciated the opportunity to broaden the classroom learning experience with a visit to this historic site;


  • …it was the most interesting tour I have been on.”
  • “I was fascinated by the architecture and craftsmanship of the building as we walked through numerous rooms.”
  • “Tour guide John shared with us his in-depth knowledge of the changing structure and the interior decor of the building.  Also its part in the political history of the nation during a turbulent and rebellious period.”















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